The European Federation of the Sanitary and Heating Wholesale Trade

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The European Federation FEST provides merchants of sanitary and heating articles with the support and advice needed to run their businesses in a competitive environment.

FEST is the European trade body to which national trade associations join to represent the interests of the sanitary and central heating articles distribution across Europe. FEST wants to work with the national member-associations, the European Commission, the national and european manufacturers associations and the national and european Installers associations. The role of FEST is important, because each sector, such as the technical products distribution industry, needs a vehicle to represent its views, sometimes to counter the views of others, and to be a focal point for communication.

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Latest Event

56th FEST Congress, 13th-15th September, 2018

For the first time the FEST Congress will take place in Vienna with the focus on “ How to stay a successful company in the digital...

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Latest News

Field Trip to Paris, 6/8th September, 2017

More than 30 wholesalers from 10 European countries took part in this year’s Field Trip to Paris in early September, visiting a number of businesses in...

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