Press release – New Leadership at FEST: Edgar Aker becomes President

Edgar Aker, Solar Netherlands, sets out his plan to strengthen FEST and support the industry

In his introductory speech at the FEST Congress, Edgar Aker (Solar Netherlands) outlined his powerful Agenda for FEST over the next two years, with the intention of creating a World Class Association for this industry which is at the centre of many climate change issues.

Edgar commented, “We are in a dynamic political, financial and economic environment and FEST will have a strong focus on sustainability, accelerating the steps to lower the dependency on natural resources. We will support and guide our members and industry partners in this dramatic and exciting transition”.

FEST is supporting the EU Green Deal goals and the transition from natural gas reliant heat sources to more electrification in heating and improved water management. In addition, FEST is facilitating improved business support via better data with the FEST European Master Data Guideline (EMDG) and improved European Market reports.

Newly appointed Vice President, Dobrochna Kasperek (Sanpol Poland), echoed Edgar’s sentiments regarding sustainability, and added that, to remain an attractive business environment for employees in future, the industry also needs to focus on the levels of diversity within the sector.

The ambition is clear, “We look forward to a stronger FEST, building on the positive energy seen at this Congress, supporting the FEST network of wholesalers to become industry leaders in driving the sales of sustainable products that Europe needs to help solve the climate crisis”.